Worker-san's Review: Confetti Mushroom Chips, Green Curry

I Hate Mondays

Sian. Another Monday.

To make things worse, over the weekend my mother mentioned that I put on weight, so it looks like there will be some healthy eating going on here. Bosses overheard my complaints and threw me a packet of mushrooms. MUSHROOMS. Not potato chips. Not a potato. MUSHROOMS. It’s from this brand called Confetti, so I half-expected it to burst into an explosion of colour as it flew towards my head. Luckily, it didn’t or I would finally need to put my broom-hand to work.

Finally landed

The flying bag of fungi was called Confetti Snacks Lovely Mushroom Chips, Green Curry. On first impressions, I would say ‘Mushroom Chips’ is a misnomer. They are not thin slices of ‘shrooms but the whole mushroom. They are, however, small, perfectly crispy and bite sized. Seasoned with green curry powder, these were surprisingly nice and flavourful. I’m a huge fan of mushrooms, but sometimes Shiitake Mushrooms can be a bit much with their strong flavours. However, Confetti has cleverly combined the curry and mushroom flavours together to create a pleasant and healthy snack. No more fat jokes next weekend.

Verdict: The green curry flavour could be a bit stronger, and it’s a tad pricey on a warehouse worker’s wage, but if you are looking for a healthy cure of itchy-mouth, this is for you.