Worker-san's Review: Collection of Instant Noodle Heaven

11.11 was hectic to say the least, but don't worry about me, I enjoy packing your orders plus my bosses rewarded me with an overflow of noodle goodness! On my day off, I decided to try our newest instant ramens. Heard they're all the rage in Japan so I had to give it a swing for myself as a self-proclaimed instant noodle connoisseur.

Oh and I brought along a friend to share because who could eat 3 noodles in one go? Answer: Me but lets pretend I'm not greedy!

Let's get to it!


1. Nissin Donbei Curry Udon (West Meets Japan Style)

As a Japanese curry lover AND an Udon lover, I was surprised, confused but overall satisfied with this bowl. The noodles were flatter and not as plump as traditional udon but expected from an instant nood. The curry was not as thick as  I had expected (but probably my fault for adding a tad too much water) but it had a pleasantly strong curry flavour and was also not as sweet as other Japanese curries I've had. Would pick this up again on a rainy day so I can feel like I'm holidaying in Japan instead of being stuck in Singapore!

2. Myojo Charmera Donburi Kumamoto Mar Garlic Oil Tonkotsu Ramen

That name was tiring to type... geez. But don't let this pretentiously lengthy looking name fool you because this lived up to its prestigious name. Slurping this felt like a bulb head of garlic whacked me in the face, definitely no vampires and kisses after this one. The noods were springy and the broth was surprisingly light. However, this would've scored higher in my books if it had some sort of meat in it (hint for the next ramen review).

3. Nissin Spicy Pork Raoh King Ramen (With Real Meat!)

I saved the best for last. It's finally BACK but the spicy version instead & yes, you heard that right. With. REAL. MEAT. Even after knowing that I was still surprised to see the little dehydrated chashu packet along with the few others packets and seasonings. Here comes the controversial part of my review... I can't handle spice. Ok ok don't need to shame here. Anyways due to my lack of tolerance, I only added less than a spoonful of the darkest chilli oil sauce packet I've ever seen. But that spoonful was enough to leave a burning tingling sensation on my tongue. And despite little spice, the soup was still flavourful from the garlic-raoh-goodness sauce packet. Don't get me started on the chashu, why isn't it in every instant noodle packet, because if it was, it'll be my every meal. A little on the pricier side but for a hearty bowl of rich broth, definitely one to try.

Verdict: Was I not convincing enough? What are you waiting for? Try. All. Especially the last one.