Worker-san's review: Binggrae Lychee and Peach Milk

Apparently, Binggrae is the holy grail of Korean flavoured milk. Sorry, I meant flavoured Korean milk. I wouldn’t know what a Korean tastes like 😉.

Today my bosses made me try Lychee & Peach Binggrae, a flavour less common than its superstar Banana and Melon cousins. Less common doesn’t mean worse, it could just mean that it’s an acquired taste. Let’s find out.

I moved my pen for this photo

I can definitely taste lychee. Fragrant and sweet without the fake lychee taste. The peach flavour though, is somewhat missing. It’s barely there, like a 14-year old’s puberty moustache. I THINK I can taste it somewhat, but it has definitely been drowned out by the lychee flavour.

Verdict: If you are looking for two fruit flavours in a milk, you might be disappointed. But if you are into lychees and milk, this is definitely go time.

by Worker-san