Worker-san’s Review: Honda Seika Soft-san Corn Potage Rice Crackers

Now here’s something special. A rice cracker that tastes like corn potage. For you plebians out here, this means it tastes like corn soup. A pretty interesting take on flavour if you ask me.

Individually packed for those who care about hygiene and COVID.

On first impression, you get around 12-14 pieces in a bag. I’m giving a range because I was too excited to remember the exact number. Each piece is fairly large, about the size of half a smartphone.

Now the actual texture of rice cracker is surprising in a good way. The actual cracker is firm and crisp, yet light and fluffy on the inside without being hard to bite through. And man, does it taste great. It tastes like the slightly sweet canned corn soup that you would get from the vending machines that are ubiquitous all over Japan. A high quality rice cracker for sure.

Verdict: This is one of those things you would buy to share with your friends or fam, but never actually do it because the only deserving mouth is yours.