Worker-san’s Review: You Can’t Call Yourself an Instant Noodle Fanatic until You’ve Had This

Bosses asked me why I stopped submitting reviews. I pointed out that the warehouse is nice, clean and organised. Apparently, not the response they wanted or expected.

Anyway, I digress. I’m here to talk about one particular bowl of instant noodles that is available on MoguShop. Presenting the Nissin Pork Raoh King Yasai Abra Garlic Ramen. Let me tell you what this collection of barely intelligible words mean; they mean GLORIOUSLY TASTY RAMEN. I will be using the word ‘glorious’ a few more times before this article is over.

center First impression - visually hefty

Forget about the limp, overly salted instant noodles you have been having, this is a shift in instant noodles paradigm. Your usual instant noodles quells that hunger your body has for food, whereas this… this is food for your soul.

4 packets of tastiness.

Firstly, this is quite a hefty bowl of noodles. At 136g, it is a generous helping of noodles that is suitable for a meal. When you tear open the lid, you come face-to-face with not the usual 2 packets of seasoning, but 4 packets of tastiness. You get the usual fare of dehydrated vegetables, a squishy packet that is the wet soup base (a great sign), another squishy packet that is wet garlic paste (getting exciting now), and a brown disc of dehydrated something. Upon closer inspection, that ‘something’ turned out to be a char siew. No kidding, that looked like a real piece of meat.

Avengers Assemble!

At this point, I was beyond waiting anymore. I opened all the packets, dumped everything into the bowl, and filled up with boiling water. Note to readers: Unlike most instant noodles, this took a little longer to cook, maybe around 6 mins as opposed to the usual 3 mins. Make sure your water is boiling hot.

There was no sharing this. Go away.

When I next lifted the lid, a glorious, garlicky scent immediately filled the pantry. It was as if I was transported into one of those ramen stores that sold thick, heavy tonkotsu ramen loaded up with garlic bits. The epic smells made my co-workers eating in the room look sadly their chai png. Of course, many wanted to try, but I assure you that I shared nothing with no one.

The broth tasted as glorious as it smelt. It was definitely savoury and salty, but not in an artificial or in a ‘salty for the sake of being salty’ kind of a way. It was as if this was a tonkotsu broth that has been simmering for the past 50 hours. The garlic taste was supreme, with bits of garlic paste floating in the soup. You are going to need a mint after this one. And the noodles, my gosh the noodles! Unlike the limp,soft noodles that are traditionally found in instant noodles, these are straight-up firm, bouncy and thick egg ramen noodles. A strong noodle for a strong broth. To top it all off, the dehydrated char siew turned out fantastic. Again, compared to ‘meat’ found in most instant noodles, which can be sort of cardboard tasting or maybe a soy substitute masquerading as meat, the char siew turned out to be the real deal and it tasted great.

Today, I ate something that is nothing like what you would expect coming from a styrofoam bowl. Glorious.

Verdict :Takes you instantly from a warehouse to a ramen store. A bit expensive, but no ragrets.