[Don’t Miss!] Can You Catch ‘Em All?

Collect These Limited-Edition Anime Snacks While Stocks Last!

Get your fix of your favourite anime characters here at MoguShop! Be it to satisfy the serial snacker in you, or to add it to your collection of anime merchandise – shhh, we won’t tell anyone 😉

I Choose You! Pokemon X Tohato

Want to be the very best? Then make sure you catch yourself a bag of these Pokemon Doll’s Festival Pack Chocolate Flavoured Corn Puff! A mouthful to say but you’ll definitely be stuffing your mouth full of these sweet treats.

When you have one of the biggest players in Japanese snacks collaborating with one of the biggest global franchises, you’d be missing out if you haven’t already hit “Add to Cart”.


One Piece: Gomu Gomu No Pretz

Perhaps one of the longest running anime series, the name One Piece is familiar to any anime fan. Spoiler Alert! With the battle unfolding between the Straw Hat Pirates and Beast Pirates in the latest Wano Arc, are you #TeamLuffy or #TeamKaido?

Enjoy the action-packed fights while munching on Pretz’s Extra Crispy Butter Shoyu Sticks – if Luffy likes them, so will you.


Demon Snacker

One of the biggest craze to have rocked the anime world, Demon Slayer has become popular around the world. It’s so big that even Prime Minister Suga of Japan quoted the anime in his committee meetings. Praised for its breath-taking animation style and engaging fighting scenes, this is one anime you should check out if you already haven’t.

MoguShop brings you 2 different Oyatsu Demon Slayer Crisps with 4 different packaging – featuring Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Giyu and more, collect them all!


Kawaii! with Sumikko Gurashi

For those who’d pass on the heat of battle, and prefer kawaii over everything else – Sumikko Gurashi is here for you!

The Heart Sumikko Gurashi Bento Jelly is almost too cute to eat. Not only is it a treat for your tastebuds but also a feast for the eyes. Take some pictures of this adorable candy and post it before you eat it!

If you’re more of a hands-on type of person, Sumikko Gurashi also has a DIY Gummy Set! Great for kids and a fun way to pass the time.


Detective Conan: MoguShop Mystery

If you thought Ash from Pokemon never grew old, what about Detective Conan? Solving mysteries since 1994, Detective Conan now resolves your midnight cravings with Oyatsu Detective Conan Maru Crisps in 2 different flavours – Roasted Corn and Light Taste. Crunchy and savoury, this snack is popular among kids.

Detective Conan’s latest case? The mystery of your empty shopping cart.


Mobile Suit Gundam X Georgia Coffee

Attention Collectors! The Gundam series is one of Japan’s most iconic series and is said to have launched the idea of robot mechs into popularity. Gundam fans will be pleased to know that Georgia Coffee X Gundam has released 3 limited-edition coffees. These coffees are not only great collectibles but also great for staying up to finish up one more episode.


Limited-Edition Hello Kitty Instant Noodles

Did someone say Hello Kitty? This timeless character has a massive fanbase around the world and its not hard to see why – its cute aesthetic and friendly persona makes it easily lovable. One thing’s for sure, fans love Hello Kitty A LOT. Remember back in 2019, fans would queue from midnight to get the limited-edition MacDonald’s carrier.

Don’t sleep on this collectible, place your order before the queue gets too long!