Calbee’s Kappa Ebisen takes you all around Japan!

Miss the feeling of travelling? Do you CRAVE the delicious umami-filled treats that can only be found overseas? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Experience the flavours of the 8 regions of Japan – all from the comfort of your home!

Imported from Japan, Calbee’s range of limited-edition Kappa Ebisen crackers infuses the unique taste of each region’s specialty produce with that familiar seafood flavour.

Hokkaido Freshly Grated Mountain Wasabi

Famously dubbed the Seafood Capital of Japan, Hokkaido boasts the abundance of nature. Foodies around the world travel to the northernmost island to taste the freshness of the ocean. But lesser known to many, Hokkaido is also one of the top producers of mountain wasabi – the perfect accompaniment to all that seafood. 

Calbee Kappa Ebisen Hokkaido Freshly Grated Mountain Wasabi gives you that fresh kick of heat in every bite.


East Japan Garlic Soy Sauce 

Eastern Japan is home to the largest producer of Garlic in Japan. Known for its large firm cloves and snowy-white colour, garlic from the Tohuku region is highly regarded for its sweet flavour and mild spiciness. 

If you love the fragrant garlic aroma you should definitely get your hands on this.


Kanto Bonito Broth Shoyu

In Japan’s culinary battle of East versus West, Kanto cuisine is known to be richer, bolder and saltier in flavour than its Kansai counterpart. Calbee Kappa Ebisen delivers to you the strong taste of the katsuo-dashi (bonito-based dashi) and koikuchi (dark soy sauce) straight from Japan. 


Shinshu Fresh Wasabi

Shinshu prefecture, in the Chubu region, is well known for its wasabi produce. Home to many picturesque wasabi farms, there you will find many unique and even bizarre uses of wasabi – such as wasabi soba, wasabi tempura and even wasabi ice cream!

Think you can take the heat? Try Calbee Kappa Ebisen Shinshu Fresh Wasabi! 


Kansai Dashi Soy Sauce

Kansai provides a contrast to the bold flavours of the Kanto style cuisine. Traditionally, Kansai dashi is made with kombu (kelp) and utsukushi (light soy sauce), giving it a lighter colour and flavour profile. The subtle umami from the dashi together with the savoury taste of the Kappa Ebisen will definitely leave you coming back for more. 


Setouchi Lemon

Lemons? Yes, you read that right. 

Setouchi is the largest inland sea in Japan, lying between the Chugoku and Shikoku regions. Prefectures around this area produce the most delectable citrus fruits in the entirety of Japan. Calbee Kappa Ebisen Setouchi Lemon hits you with a blast of that zest in its signature prawn cracker snack. 


Kyushu Sweet Soy Sauce

Calbee Kappa Ebisen Kyushu Sweet Soy Sauce brings a fresh perspective to that traditional soy flavour. Sugar was first imported to Japan in the Edo period, and the process of adding sugar to soy sauce has continued to modern day. This unique flavour profile of sweet and salty is one you don’t want to miss out on. 

What are you waiting for? Try them now!