"Kairaku" Christmas Hamper – SnackBar by MoguShop

    "Kairaku" Christmas Hamper


      Gift a piece of Japan with our specially curated Christmas Hampers!

      Get together with your friends and experience Kairaku (かいらく) - enjoying oneself with others. With an array of Christmas-themed snacks, this hamper is easy for sharing or as a gift when visiting!

      This hamper contains:
      1. Tohato Caramel Corn White Christmas Milk - 77g
      2. Tohato Christmas Edition Poteco Delicious Taste - 78g
      3. Bourbon Lubera Whip White Chocolate Filling - 58g
      4. Glico Winter Limited Edition Glitter Salted Caramel Pocky - 82g
      5. Lotte Zero Sugar Free Chocolate Crisp - 28g
      6. Calbee Hokkaido Potato Butter - 72g
      7. YBC Every Almond White Chocolate Coated Biscuit - 7pcs
      8. Lotte CRUNKY Crunch Chocolate BIG Pouch - 76g
      9. Tohato Pokemon Christmas Chocolate
      10. Asahi Winter Premium Milk Candy - 80g

      All hampers come with a card and is inclusive of scheduled delivery.

      *Let us know your preferred date of delivery (if you have one) in the Notes section when checking out :) Our delivery days are on Tuesdays and Fridays*